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When buying a product, consumers trust, and should be able to trust that the product or products they are buying are safe when they are used in conjunction with the manufacturer’s instructions and design. It is an unfortunate fact however, consumers can be injured by devices and products that they use on a daily basis. Product liability San Ramon can be a problem for many consumers, and there is a law firm who specializes in these types of claims and law suits.

To explain what product liability is, the Legal Dictionary simply explains it as “The responsibility of a manufacturer or vendor of goods to compensate for injury caused by defective merchandise that it has provided for sale.” Product Liability San Ramon is the area of law where manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers and others who make products to the public are held responsible for the injuries the actual products cause. The word “product” has wide inferences and product liability as an area of law is traditionally limited to products in the form of tangible personal property.

What Is A Defective Product?

A defective product is a product that is commercially produced and distributed which are considered to be:

  • Dangerous or harmful for normal use
  • Does not come with adequate instructions for use
  • Unfit for the use it was intended for
  • Is dangerous due to its defective design, assembly or manufacture

Some examples of defective products are:

  • Defective air bags or defective air bag parts
  • Defective automobile brakes
  • Defective motorcycle or bicycle helmets
  • Defective electrical equipment, power tools and products
  • Defective child crib
  • Defective flammable products

When seeking a defective product liability law suit in San Ramon, there must be some legal basis for the claim to be made in the first instance. This can be a very complex and drawn out process that requires the services of an attorney or law firm who specializes in this area of law.

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