Criminal Defense

Few law firms in Tennessee can match the amount of criminal law experience won by the partners of MMRS. With over 200 criminal jury trials to our credit, we are extraordinarily well prepared to handle whatever criminal matter you may be facing. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor charge, a felony indictment or are the subject of a state or federal investigation, you shouldn’t have to go through a criminal case alone. It is vitally important to you and your family that you have a determined and persuasive advocate on your side. Firm member Rob McGuire is one of only twenty four attorneys statewide certified as a Criminal Trial Specialist. The attorneys of MMRS not only have exceptional skills in the courtroom, they also have the knowledge and ability to help you resolve criminal challenges before they ever make it to court. Having an MMRS attorney on your side will guarantee that you get the best possible advocacy for you and your family. 

Administrative and Regulatory Law

For businesses and public employees, the thicket of rules and regulations covering their conduct can be daunting. The attorneys of MMRS can help clients navigate the channels of regulatory and administrative law so that you can keep doing what you’re doing. Business owners know that administrative sanctions can be very serious; the penalty can be a hefty fine or even a loss of their right to do business. Having an experienced attorney by your side when going through the process can mean the difference between running your business and being out of business. For public employees facing disciplinary or even termination proceedings, you need a determined advocate who will investigate the case against you and represent you and your interest to the fullest extent. The attorneys at MMRS are well prepared to serve as your advocate and fight for your career.

Business Litigation

As a small litigation firm with an extraordinarily high level of courtroom expertise, the attorneys of MMRS are uniquely positioned to handle business disputes that don’t make sense for larger law firms to take on. If you’re a business leader, you constantly have to decide whether it’s worth the cost to challenge a business dispute or to just take your lumps and move on. By working with MMRS, you can advocate for your rights as a business owner without damaging your bottom line or impacting your existing relationship with another firm. Our services are designed to assist business leaders on a case-by-case basis when they want to pursue a claim, or defend against a claim that wouldn’t be cost effective otherwise. Our size allows us to be nimble, but our experience enables us to be tremendously effective for you.


Resolutions achieved during mediation are lasting and legally binding, and otherwise designed to stand the test of time. Mediation is a completely confidential, cost-effective solution to resolving disputes and avoiding the cost of time and money in protracted courtroom litigation. Firm members Kristen Menke and Sharon Reddick are listed as Rule 31 mediators with the Tennessee Supreme Court. Kristen and Sharon have over 30 years combined experience working with families in crisis and negotiating complex family dynamics. Their experience makes them uniquely situated to provide mediation services to parties in all types of family disputes whether it is a personal or business relationship. Kristen and Sharon understand the importance of everyone having a chance to be heard and to "tell their side" of the story.  They also know the value of allowing you to resolve your disputes in a way that leaves everyone satisfied with the result and sharing ownership in the outcome.  The attorneys of MMRS Law value people and their privacy and strive to provide an exceptional environment where you—not a judge or jury—can make lasting decisions that are in the best interests of you and your family.

Family Law

Nothing is more important to you than your family. The attorneys of MMRS understand and are committed to helping you in whatever challenge you face. Whether it is a divorce, marital dissolution agreement, parenting plan, visitation schedule, child support, property dispute, post-divorce proceeding, or the start of a new family through the adoption process, our extensive experience helping families through the legal process makes us distinctly able to assist you—whatever your needs may be. We are welcoming to same-sex couples and understand that while their situations may be more legally complicated, everyone deserves to be treated fairly and be represented by an advocate they can trust.