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It is a fact that many American households have at least one dog as a family pet. It is estimated that over 42.5 million households in the United States own one or more dogs, bringing the estimated total number of dogs in the nation to over 73 million.

Dogs have been the companion of man for thousands of years. Dogs have not only provided companionship, but many are working dogs such as cattle dogs, guard dogs, and trained as helpers for the disabled. It is an unfortunate fact however that wherever dogs are, the threat of being bitten or attacked also exists.

In 2012, there were 38 fatal dog attacks and with a dog bite occurring approximately every 75 seconds in the United States, it is a very serious problem. This equates to approximately 4.7 million dog biters per year and over 1,000 Americans seek emergency medical care to treat dog bite injuries on a daily basis.

Of all dog bite fatalities in 2012, 50% were children aged 8 years and younger. 79% of these were children aged 2 years and younger. These are alarming statistics and something that every dog owner and parent needs to take seriously.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), dog attack victims suffer approximately $2 billion in monetary losses annually. This is a substantial loss for victims of dog bites. As about two thirds of dogs bites result in injuries to the face, neck, and head, it is understandable that time off work, school, and medical expenses can result in substantial financial losses to the victim.

Dog bites are not something to take lightly as they can cause severe injuries. Serious infections can often result from a dog bite. Other injuries can include scarring with the need for surgery, as well as extensive psychological trauma. The worst scars are usually left on the face and hands of the victim with the possibility of permanent disfiguration which can affect someone’s self-image.

If you, or your child have been the victim of a dog bite, there are some steps you should take:

  • Seek immediate medical attention, especially if the skin has been broken.
  • Inform the owner of the dog as soon as possible
  • Take photos of the injuries
  • Take photos of the dog that attacked, if at all possible
  • Report the attack to the Police and/or the local animal control office.

It is also very important to document the progress of you or your child’s treatment, and have the wounds regularly checked on by your Doctor. This is especially relevant if you are seeking to file a personal injury lawsuit.

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