Chinese Speaking Lawyer

According to the 2010 census, 1,349,111 Chinese people were living in the state of California. The San Francisco Bay Area actually has the greatest concentration of Cantonese-speaking Chinese than anywhere in the United States. Also according the the 2010 census, half of the Chinese-born people currently living in the United States either reside in California or New York State. The number of Chinese immigrants in the United States has been […]

Slip and Fall Accidents Attorney

Slipping, falling over, or even tripping over is a part of every day life. We have all suffered scraped knees and elbows as children, however, there are many occasions where a slip and fall can cause a lot more injuries than just scraping the knees and elbows. The National Safety Council estimates there are over 9 million disabling slip and fall injuries occurring each year in the United States. Broken […]

Dog Bite Attorney

It is a fact that many American households have at least one dog as a family pet. It is estimated that over 42.5 million households in the United States own one or more dogs, bringing the estimated total number of dogs in the nation to over 73 million. Dogs have been the companion of man for thousands of years. Dogs have not only provided companionship, but many are working dogs […]

Product Liability Lawyer San Jose

It appears that there are more defective products being released on to the market in this day and age. This is somewhat of a surprise considering the technology available to produce safer and more advanced products. It is unfortunate that even though consumers do put their trust in the products they purchase, product liability San Jose cases are on the rise. According to statistics released by the Judicial Business of […]

Wrongful Death Attorney San Jose

The term “wrongful death,” is not one any of us wish to have to contemplate. However, it is an unfortunate fact that many Americans will become a victim to a wrongful death San Jose incident. If you believe you have a wrongful death claim, you should immediately consult with an experienced attorney or law firm to discuss your options. Auto accidents are the number one cause of personal injury deaths […]

Truck Accident Lawyer San Jose

Due to their sheer size, trucks or big rigs, can present great risks when it comes to truck accidents San Jose. Because of their weight and size, trucks take longer to stop than a passenger vehicle and it has been estimated that a truck requires 40% more distance to stop than that of a smaller passenger vehicle. Requiring this much distance to stop, and ignoring such has led to many […]

Personal Injury Lawyer San Jose

Personal injury in San Jose is a very common occurrence. In fact, nobody can ever predict when and where a personal injury can happen. Anyone can suddenly slip and fall, or be involved in an auto accident, or even be bitten by a dog. Seeking medical assistance as soon as possible is always highly recommended, as well as calling the Police to report the incident and contacting an experienced attorney […]

Spine Injury Attorney San Jose

Suffering a spinal cord injury, can be devastating to both the victim and their family. The victim’s whole life can suddenly be turned upside down over night, and they could have difficulty adjusting. It is not just the physical issues that need to be considered in someone who has suffered a spinal cord injury San Jose, but also the psychological issues that follow. Apart from the astronomical medical bills that […]

Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer San Jose

Insurance is a dirty word for some people, especially motorcycle insurance. Unfortunately, ensuring you do have motorcycle insurance if you ride a motorcycle, is a necessary evil. Knowing what insurance you should have when owning and riding a motorcycle is important, especially if you are ever involved in a motorcycle accident in San Jose. While many may believe they have a full coverage policy, some may find out when the […]

Burn Injury Lawyer San Jose

Suffering a burn injury in San Jose can be devastating to both the victim and their family. Severe burns can be not only cause severe and debilitating injuries, but be potentially fatal. Over 40,000 people are hospitalized each year in the United States due to suffering a burn injury, and over 500,000 seek some form of medical treatment for a burn injury. According to the United States Fire Administration, the […]