Birth Injuries Attorney in Martinez and Walnut Creek

The news of a baby on the way is normally great news. In this day and age of medical technology, many parents don’t give a second thought to the possibility of a birth injury in Martinez and Walnut Creek. Many people are too excited about a new addition to the family, and place their trust and faith in their medical provider.

A birth injury in Martinez and Walnut Creek can be completely devastating, not only for the parents, but also to the grandparents and other family members. It can quite literally turn lives upside down and cause a great deal of heart break and distress.

In the event that your infant has indeed suffered a birth injury due to the negligence or carelessness of your medical provider/s, you may have cause for a lawsuit. In some cases, the doctor’s or hospital’s insurance company will offer a settlement. This is when you really need the services of an attorney or law firm who specializes in birth injury cases. You need to ascertain whether a settlement is sufficient, or a lawsuit would be more beneficial in the long run.

As with any lawsuit involving an insurance company, their goal is to settle the claim as quickly as possible and for the least amount of money as possible. An experienced attorney or law firm who specializes in lawsuits for birth injury in Martinez and Walnut Creek, can assist in negotiating the best possible settlement possible, or represent you in court failing a successful negotiation with the insurance company.

It is necessary to understand at this point that if you do agree to accept a settlement from an insurance company who represents your medical provider/s, you will be relinquishing your rights to sue whoever is at fault for the birth injury in Martinez and Walnut Creek. You could also be forbidden from speaking about the details of your settlement, and our firm can explain how a settlement offer works, and what is involved.

Our firm can also explain the reasons for filing a lawsuit, depending on your situation, and the benefits of following it through in to court. There is a possibility you could be awarded more money that you were offered in a settlement. The choice of course is yours. Some people prefer to have the case resolved quickly and keep the details of the settlement confidential. Others prefer to go to trial to raise public awareness and to assist in reducing the risk of future birth injuries for other parents.

Filing a lawsuit for a birth injury in Martinez and Walnut Creek can be complex and involve an intricate process. This type of case requires an attorney or law firm who specializes in this area. This is not a case that anyone should file on their own due to the extreme complexities involved.

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