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A lot of discrepancy exists over where the safest place to sit on a plane is. Some experts will argue that it is always safest to sit in the rear of the plane, while others state it really doesn’t matter where you sit, as each aviation accident is different and the survival of passengers relies upon many variables.

Dr. Todd Curtis, aviation safety analyst and author states that it doesn’t matter where you sit.  He believes that the chances of survival depends on the circumstances of the crash, as well as how a passenger behaves during an aviation emergency.  Dr. Curtis has the opinion that in most fatal crashes, the level of fatalities is either very low, with less than 10% casualties, or very high with over 90% fatalities.  In the first case, Dr. Curtis believes that the aircraft remains relatively intact and does not stop passengers from exiting the aircraft.  In the second case, the destruction of the aircraft is so severe that there are either no, or very few survivors making where you sit irrelevant.

Dr. Curtis goes on to state that passenger survival can heavily rely on the reaction of passengers during an aviation emergency.  Passengers are encouraged to be aware of where the nearest exits are, read the emergency information located in the seat pocket, and listen to the crew safety briefing.  It is also advised to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum so as not to affect the ability to respond appropriately in an emergency situation.

Anne Evans, a former investigator at the UK’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch however, contests that the safest place to sit during air travel is at the rear of the plane.  Anne Evans stated “It’s safer to sit at the back of the aircraft where the flight recorder is.  The front is more vulnerable because that often sees higher impact forces.”  Her theory is backed up by by research conducted by Popular Mechanics.  Popular Mechanics conclude that passengers seated near the tail of the plane are about 40% more likely to survive a crash than those in the front.

After examining every commercial jet crash in the United States since 1971, Popular Mechanics stated that the raw data from these 20 accidents had been languishing for decades in National Transportation Safety Board Files.  These are available to be analyzed by anyone willing to take the time.   The study went on to reveal that when the seating charts were studied showing where each passenger sat, there were both survivors and fatalities in the fore-and-aft seating.   The survival rates were compared in all sections of the aircraft, and analytical approaches clearly pointed to it being safer to sit in the back.

While the experts argue over where the best place is to sit on an aircraft, aviation accidents are devastating.  Though rare, they do occur, and injuries in-flight are a reality. You need to know your rights in the event you are involved in an aviation accident, or even injured while traveling on an aircraft. It is imperative to call a law firm, or attorney who specializes in aviation law following any aviation accident.

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