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Need an Aviation accident attorney in Oakland? Whether for business, or leisure, many Americans today are taking long haul flights to the other side of the nation, or to other countries.  Typically, a long haul flight is considered to be any flight taking longer than six and a half hours.  You can’t rely on an airline to ensure you will be comfortable, so there are some things you can do to ensure your trip is as pleasant, and safe as possible.

In the event that an evacuation is required via escape slides, it is best to wear clothing made of natural fibers such as wool, cotton, denim and leather.  Synthetic fibers can become hot due to friction, and in case of fire, can melt causing first, second, and even third degree burns.  Avoid wearing clothing containing rayon, polyester and nylon.

Ensure the clothing you wear is roomy and comfortable.  Avoid clothing that can cut off circulation, or feel tight.  Many people these days are aware of the dangers of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).  This has become more prevalent these days for people traveling on long-haul flights.  Medical experts advise to wear loose and comfortable clothing, especially on the legs and around the waist.  Basically, if your clothes leave a mark in your skin, they are too tight.  Most airlines either play an instructional video, or provide reading material on how to avoid DVT during long-haul flights.

In case of an emergency, it is also advised to wear long pants and long sleeves.  Avoid shorts, skirts and t-shirts as these do not cover extremities.  Never wear high heels, as these will have to be removed if an evacuation via an escape slide is required. You can then be at risk from stepping on broken glass, or metal debris.  Sandals should also be avoided for these reasons.  Wear low-heeled laced or strapped shoes, boots, or tennis shoes.  Ideally, shoes should be made of leather or canvas.

It is also highly advised to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum.  There are 2 main reasons for this. Firstly, it is easy to get dehydrated on long-haul flights as the air in the cabin is very dry.  Secondly, in the event an emergency does occur, alcohol can impair judgment and can even contribute to, or cause accidents. This could also cause issues in the event of an emergency evacuation from the plane.  Avoid caffeine as much as possible and drink plenty of water.  It is not suggested to drink water from the bathroom in an airplane as it may contain bacteria.

Try to avoid sitting near overloaded, overhead luggage compartments.  A study of airline passenger injuries from overhead luggage by Dr. Leo Rozmaryn in 1998 stated that there is an estimated 4,500 incidents of injuries from falling baggage each year in the United States.  If someone tries to put heavy baggage in the compartment above you, either ask them to put it somewhere else, move it yourself, or ask a flight attendant if you can move to another seat.

To avoid long queues and to try and get a better seating arrangement, do the electronic check in.  This saves time, stress, and you can relax prior to your flight.  It should also be mentioned here that arriving at the airport early due to increased security measures, is a good idea.  It has been suggested that 3 hours should be sufficient time, however, it is advisable to call your airline and get their recommendation.  Minimize your own carry-on luggage.  One backpack is fine to carry on the plane, and it is easier to find a place in the overhead compartment, as well as it being more low risk of causing injury should it fall from the compartment during turbulence.

Should you be involved in an aviation accident, you should immediately contact an attorney or law firm who specializes in aviation law.

The Oakland aviation accident attorneys at Chang Law will passionately work with you to procure all possible monetary compensation you are entitled to after your injury. Our goal is to help our clients receive proper compensation for their pain and suffering as the result of aviation and airplane accidents.

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