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Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Attorney

Being involved in a truck accident can have horrendous consequences. On top of having to deal with the aftermath, it can be very problematic in determining who is actually responsible and what caused the accident. Due to the complexity of a truck accident claim, only a high caliber law firm such as the Chang Law Firm should be utilized.

Stephen Chang and his highly professional and experienced team at the Chang Law Firm have over 13 years experience with outstanding results in complex cases such as truck accident claims. Being able to achieve such amazing results has earned this the firm the reputation of being the Bay Area’s premium personal injury law firm.

The Chang Law Firm will vigorously fight for your rights and offer a free initial consultation in order to evaluate your case. You need professional and experienced representation in order to achieve the maximum possible financial recovery, so it only makes sense to call the Chang Law Firm first.

With three conveniently located offices in Martinez, Santa Clarita, and San Ramon, Bay Area residents can take advantage of not only having local representation, but from the best in the industry.

If you wish to discuss a truck accident claim,
call the Chang Law Firm today at 925-370-1700 or 510-915-6997.

Truck Accidents Attorney San Ramon

The Department of Transportation (DOT) states that approximately 4.3% of all highway vehicles are commercial trucks that move goods over the national transportation network annually. Sharing congested highways with commercial trucks can prove problematic for some motorists, especially due to the volume of commercial vehicles on the roads. Naturally, the more vehicles using the nation’s highways, the more chances there are of being involved in a truck accident in San […]

Truck Accident Lawyer San Jose

Due to their sheer size, trucks or big rigs, can present great risks when it comes to truck accidents San Jose. Because of their weight and size, trucks take longer to stop than a passenger vehicle and it has been estimated that a truck requires 40% more distance to stop than that of a smaller passenger vehicle. Requiring this much distance to stop, and ignoring such has led to many […]

Truck Accident Attorney Oakland

Being involved in a truck accident Oakland can be devastating on everyone involved in it. Even though statistically there are less truck accidents that auto accidents, the injury and death rate tends to be higher due to the size and weight of trucks in relation to that of passenger vehicles. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2010, 529 people were killed and over 20,000 were injured in […]

Truck Accident Lawyer San Francisco Bay Area

Being involved in a truck accident in the San Francisco Bay Area can have devastating consequences for those involved. As a fully-loaded commercial truck can weigh in excess of 80,000 pounds, they can cause a great deal of damage when being involved in a collision with a passenger vehicle that weighs around 3,000 pounds. Due to the sheer size and weight difference as well as the basic laws of physics, […]

Truck Accidents Attorney in Martinez and Walnut Creek

It is an unfortunate fact that truck drivers can face many health issues and even more challenges than the general public. Long working hours, stress, irregular schedules, lack of sleep and irregular sleep patterns, as well as the anxiety of driving in many different types of weather conditions can all contribute to the poor health of a truck driver. Smoking and poor diet and nutrition are also major contributors to […]

Personal Injury Attorney Lawyer San Francisco - (510) 915-6997

Injury Lawyer Injury Attorney serving San Francisco Bay Area

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